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The one thing we pride ourselves on at our Red Wing Shoe Store is service. In an age where full-service is a forgotten idea, we go out of our way to provide the highest level of service. We’ll sit you down, measure your feet and make sure you have the right fit and the right footwear for your job. After the sale, we’re equally eager to please. We offer a range of services to keep you and your footwear satisfied long after the initial sale.

Free Oiling

The best way to protect your premium Red Wing leather boots is to keep your boots oiled. Stop in and we’ll oil your boots for free with genuine Red Wing boot oil.

Free Laces

Even though every Red Wing boot lace is tested to last for 50,000 repetitions, we know eventually they’ll need to be replaced and we’ll replace them for free.

Shoe Repair

Even Red Wing boots eventually need a little care and attention. From minor hardware repairs to re-soling, we can perform the necessary repairs that will make your Red Wings last even longer. We think you’ll agree, it will be a great investment to keep your Red Wing boots working even longer.


While our premium Red Wing boots last almost forever, the insoles can start to de-grade. You’ll start to notice a little loss of comfort. We can replace your insoles and instantly re-store your underfoot comfort for a modest investment.

Custom Needs

We have the ability to make special shoes to fit your unique needs. One foot bigger than the other? Our mis-mate program can provide you two different size shoes. Suffered a foot injury? Red Wing can re-craft a shoe to meet your unique needs. All at a modest cost and done without a long wait.

Special Orders

Red Wing and its line-up of brands, offers over 500 styles of footwear, so we can’t possibly stock them all. However, if there is a style you’d like to try, we can order it for you and no additional charge and call you when it arrives (it usually takes less than a week).

Industrial Discounts

We are willing to extend an industrial discount to your employees for safety shoe purchases. We can assess your safety footwear needs and create a program that provides a benefit to your employees and peace of mind to you, the employer.

Other Services Offered